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Amber and Carlos’s Wedding at the Zedler Mill in Luling, Texas

Ankle deep in questionable fluids, Amber met Carlos in line for the restrooms at Mikey’s Place, a super sketchy music venue in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where they listened to hardcore heavy metal. Carlos, thinking that he recognized Amber from somewhere, asked her, “Are you Roxanne?”

Amber replied a bit confused, “No, I’m not.”
Carlos persisted, “Are you sure?”

“Umm, yeah, I’m sure,” Amber said. “My name is Amber!”

In a slightly creepy move, Carlos kept a close distance of ten feet from Amber at the metal concert, wanting to look out for her (although I have a feeling he just did not want to see her go). Upon the encouragement of his friend, Carlos braved asking Amber for her number. Amber was not certain of Carlos’s interest in her—Carlos described in great detail his passion for Cher, so Amber was thinking that he was not into her, or women in general.

However, their mutual friend insisted that Carlos was in fact interested in her, and the two did eventually plan a date. Amber and Carlos headed to a fancy seafood restaurant, yet when they took a look at the menu, they both felt the prices were too high, so they decided to go to Taco Cabana instead.

Like their love for Taco Cabana, their love for each other only blossomed and grew. Amber loves how Carlos makes everyone around him feel at ease. You very quickly get past Carlos’s beard and tattoos and quickly see that he is kind-hearted and caring. Carlos adores Amber because she supports his ideas, no matter how wild or ridiculous they may seem. Before Amber, Carlos did not have much interest in the outdoors, but Amber brought out in him an appreciation and love for wilderness. Together they love Arizona, Big Bend, and their home they created together which they say is “strange and random and smells kinda weird.”

Before proposing to Amber, Carlos called Amber’s father to inform him of his plan and follow the tradition of asking for permission. Details of when the proposal would take place must have been left out because the next day Amber’s father called her and asked her, “Did you like it?”
Amber responded, “Like what?”

Amber’s father asked, “The ring!”

Amber realized then that her father gave away the surprise of the proposal! Carlos regrouped and planned a way to try and catch her off guard. He took her to their original meeting place: “Mikey’s Place.” Upon realizing that it was closed, Carlos dared, “Do you wanna break in?” While Amber contemplated the repercussions of breaking into private property, Carlos got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

I have to mention that I ADORE Amber’s father. Amber works for a publication company in El Paso where she writes for What’s Up Weekly (an alternative magazine), El Paso Inc. (a business news journal), and El Paso Kids Inc. When Amber had her first article published, her father was so proud of her that he created a life-size poster of the published piece. First of all, the logistics of this astounded me! Where does one keep a life-size journal article?! Secondly, Amber mentioned that he did not have the final draft of the article made. He took an earlier draft, so there was Amber’s article before revising and editing staring at her in life-size form, mistakes and all. But I love that he was so proud of her that he made this questionable interior decorating decision.

Amber and Carlos’s love of nature showed in their intimate wedding in Luling at the Zedler Mill House. Wild Bunches Floral created gorgeous florals. While Amber and Carlos, with tattoos and love of heavy metal music, also seem to have soft taste. Their wedding was full of soft colors and sunshine. Relatives from El Paso and Mexico joined the wedding and celebrated their beautiful day.

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