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January 14, 2020

Favorite Austin Engagement Session Spots

I absolutely LOVE engagement sessions. This is our time to get to know each other, to get comfy in front of the camera, and to find out which poses work for you guys! Not to mention, you finally get to have professional photos taken together! There are so many things to think about on your wedding day, and I think already experiencing photos together helps so much. So now, we need to pick where we will shoot!

To start off, I generally like to know if you are picturing more urban or more nature. However, make sure and check out the spots below as there are lots of ideas in between! I organized this post into three categories: Urban, Classic but Modern, and Nature.

I almost always shoot engagement sessions at sunset, but some specific downtown locations are definitely best at sunrise. Otherwise, people and cars are everywhere! Please keep that in mind if you know you are not a morning person! Lol!


Austin Sky Line + Zilker Park

Lately, there is a engagement spot combo that I am loving! We shoot around Zilker Park and then get the Austin sky line on top of the Palmer Events Center! This is best in the morning, but I have done it at sunset too (on a weekday only), and it is gorgeous. If you look at how the buildings are lit up in warm tones in the bottom set of photos, that is how it looks at sunset. In the morning, the buildings show bluer tones. Personally, I love both.

South Congress

If you choose the South Congress bridge or any iconic spots on South Congress, this session definitely needs to be done in the morning! However, it is beautiful and so easy to get around at sunrise. I would LOVE to do these beautiful, iconic spots again!


Classic but Modern

U.S. Federal Courthouse

This building is right downtown in Austin, on 5th Street to be precise, and it is so elegant. I love shooting there! The white stairs and the columns are such a classic and beautiful backdrop. Because the building closes at 5, there are no people around at sunset. It is the perfect backdrop for a statement dress + suit. Someone pick here because I want to go back soon pleeeease! Lol! 🙂

Laguna Gloria

This is also a classic but modern option! Before I go further, you should know there is a fee to shoot here. You have to book from their site and ensure that it is available. However, lots of my couples pick this spot for engagements and bridals, and I personally think the fee is reasonable. The inside room of Laguna Gloria is incredibly popular, and honestly, everywhere you go is absolutely beautiful. I love the clean, white architecture and the palm trees!

Woodbine Mansion

I just recently had an engagement session at the Woodbine Mansion for the first time, and I am in LOVE! Like Laguna Gloria, there is a fee to book there. (I believe my couple paid $250.) It is gorgeous! The rooms are all amazing inside, and the white columns outside are so classic and beautiful. I also loved the greenery and rose garden next to the building. This place is so pretty!!

Downtown Georgetown + Blue Hole

You can still get an urban feel without all the cars and people by heading to downtown Georgetown. I have tons of spots I love around the square, and to top it off at the end, I head to Blue Hole for some super pretty nature spots.


Berry Springs Park

My tried-and-true nature spot is Berry Springs Park in Georgetown. I have been shooting there for over 10 years, and I still find new spots I love. The colors can vary A LOT by the seasons, so keep that in mind. But overall, it is gorgeous, full of light, trees, trails, and fields. My couples who want the open field look love Berry Springs. It is also great if you just like pretty trees. 🙂 There is a fire pit made of white rocks where I love to get seated shots of my couples. It is by far my favorite nature spot!

Bull Creek District Park

Bull Creek is an awesome option if you are located in central Austin and if you’d like to incorporate water. I love the light, the white rocks, the trees, and the water!

Commons Ford Ranch

My third favorite nature spot is Commons Ford Ranch. They are closed on Mondays, so we need to keep that in mind! It has the most amazing fields and light though. It is in the Lakeway area. They don’t have a restroom so be prepared to change in your car please!


Gruene River

I am just going to throw this last one out there for any south Austin or San Antonio couples who are looking for nature! I shot at Gruene River and LOVED the trees, the light, and the rocks! This was in December, so I think you can get a lot of variance in color. However, I would LOVE to go back there!  Someone pick here pleeeease! 🙂


Lastly, if you have a location that is meaningful to you, please do not hesitate to ask! It is so fun to go exploring and try out something new! See you at your engagement session!

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