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January 1, 2020

For Photographers: My Fav Low Cost Purchases of 2019

As business owners, I believe we should constantly be questioning the efficiency of our workflow. I am always keeping my eyes peeled for something–small or big–that can help me in my business, so I am always keeping my eyes peeled and taking notes! Here are some of my favorite very low cost purchases of 2019. All of these are much cheaper than $100, and all of them have helped me out!

First, I am loving my wagon. I am not sure why I was hesitant about the wagon. I guess it just seemed like you are really coming in with A LOT. Too much. But ya know what? When it is midnight and you have to trek it through the last guests flinging around their sparklers while you are exhausted and heading to a massive parking lot….a wagon comes is REAL handy. It is really weird, but I get a lot of other Wagon Lovers who compliment me on my wagon! Literally a week ago, a guy comes up to tell me he used to haul band equipment and he likes my wagon. Lol!

Here is another cheap Amazon find! Do you know how many times people want to know what time it is at a wedding? It is constant! And the amount of time it takes me to read the hands on my watch? It takes an embarrassing amount of time. I wanted a watch that I could read super easily, but wasn’t ready for anything fancy. (My fancy watch is my Garmin running watch, and it is not as cute to wear to weddings.)I found this rose gold watch on Amazon for $14! I love it! I have had compliments on it; often people think it is fancy! Lol! You do have to adjust the band, but it is really easy, and I enjoy it.

While you are on Amazon, check out these cute ring boxes. I suddenly looked in my bag of styling items and decided the ones I had looked dated. :/ I picked up some fresh ring boxes for less than $15 each! They look much more modern, and I love the colors.

In my opinion, a step stool is a MUST-HAVE for photographers. This one is small so it is super easy to carry around. It is also really sturdy! Lastly, I love the height of it. It is just perfect to get slightly above my couples for that flattering angle. I have accidentally left it at a venue one time, and for $10 at Home Depot, I don’t feel so bad about having to replace it.

One thing you Canon shooters may have noticed is that our Nikon friends use A LOT of space on our cards! The size of each RAW image is much larger than ours. I was having trouble with my cards even being too slow on my second shooter’s Nikon. She told me to check out these cards for her to shoot on, and for $45 for two 128 gig cards, I was sold. I set these aside and have my Nikon second shooters use them for each wedding. So far, they have worked perfectly.


I learned about Flower Frogs from one of my amazing second shooters! If our florist friends give us lots of blooms to use for the lay flat, you use a Flower Frog to stand the flower upright. It makes the image so much prettier! I love anything that gives you more control over what you are doing! You can find them here.

I am very proud of my last hack! I think I am so clever for discovering this! Lol! To spruce up our lay flat by tying in a certain color, it is nice to have a wax seal. However, that’s kinda fancy and not all of my brides have these on their invites. Get this–you can order a Sample from GreenHouseWaxSeals for 65 cents! I just picked out eight to ten colors, just enough to make the shipping worth it. Lol! I spent less than $20 total, and I can use them over and over again.

Tell me, do you have any favorite inexpensive purchases this past year? I would LOVE to know!



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