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November 7, 2019

Unexpected and Easy Ways to Add Value to your Wedding Gallery

If you are bride-to-be, an awesome photographer is there to help you make the most of your day! I plan your timeline immediately, give vendor referrals, and use your engagement session to help us get to know each other and learn all yourbest poses. I truly believe those factors help so much in having a stress-free, fun-filled wedding day! Most of my brides are Type-A planners and organizers, so if that is you, this blog post is designed for you in mind! For my brides who want to add a little more fun, a little more pretty, a little more oomph to wedding photos, here are some ways to make the most of your day!


First of all, the best way to get the most out of your wedding photography experience is TIME. Follow your photographer’s guidance on the timeline, and absolutely consider a First Look. My wedding galleries for couples who have a First Look have around 150-200 more photos (at least)! That is crazy! This is solely because we have more TIME to organize couple’s photos, more TIME to do fun things with your bridal party, and more TIME to capture you at different beautiful spots! If we try to do it all during cocktail hour, I really feel like I need to stick to the essentials so that I can keep to our timeline. I have gotten really good at shooting FAST, but there’s something magical about having a First Look and extra TIME to have FUN with photos!

Bridal Bouquet

One way to add value to your photos is to focus on your own bouquet. It will be featured more than any of the other florals, so pick a florist and bouquet that you absolutely LOVE! The bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages are not featured nearly as much, a lot of times, simple can be best on guys’ suits.


These days Etsy is jam-packed with the cutest things! Velvet ring boxes, vow books, cute bridesmaid pajamas and robes, ribbon…. Adding those beautiful items into your detail photos adds a lot to your gallery because it tells the story of you and your style as well as your colors for your wedding day. Since you can get these items at an extremely reasonable cost–$10-30—I recommend it!

Unique Reception Details

What-a-burger snacks, candy bar, donuts, photo-booth…. Anything that is fun and unique to you as a couple is so fun for your wedding. The reverse is also true: if you don’t like cake, don’t have cake. Don’t want to wear or throw a guarder—you certainly don’t have to! I recommend only spending time and money on the things that are important to you!


Make sure you rest up! Nothing puts a damper on your day like a hangover from the Rehearsal Dinner or sore feet or a dress that is killing you when you dance! Rest up, hydrate, take it easy! Bring comfy shoes to change into for the reception. And make sure you know exactly how your bustle will look and feel! Bonus points if you practice that bustle a couple of times so you know how it goes!

Have Fuuuuun

I love a fun reception! Make sure you are confident in your DJ, and hit up Amazon for fun props! I love when there are fun things to wear or use on the dancefloor. You can buy glowy lightup items on Amazon for super cheap and guests enjoy them! If you are soaking in every moment, that joy truly shows in all of the photos!


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