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July 27, 2018

Veronica + Scott | Surprise Proposal at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas

When Veronica turned the corner on her stroll through the campus of her alma mater, St. Edward’s University, she had the shock of her life. Immediately in front of her was… her grandma’s couch! The couch that comfortably resided at her grandma’s home in La Grange. The couch her father proposed to her mother on. The couch that Scott so thoughtfully carried to St. Edward’s (via her grandma’s powder blue minivan, no less).

Veronica was at St. Ed’s at the urging of her friend, Katie, who, of course, was in on the whole gig. The friends met when they lived in the dormitories during their college days at St. Ed’s, and Veronica was so excited for a night out with Katie! But first, they would take a few photos in front of the infamous St. Ed’s red door.

Scott, meanwhile, was not supposed to be at St. Ed’s, velvet navy ring box securely tucked in his pocket, hidden away, waiting for Veronica to spy the vintage couch. That day, Scott was supposed to be in Boston, not in Austin at Hotel Ella, carefully planning out exactly how he would ask Veronica to marry him.

Scott planned EVERY LAST DETAIL to surprise Veronica (who is perhaps a little difficult to shock due to her type A planning tendencies) and to make her feel loved.

On her walk to the red door of the St. Edward’s main building, Veronica spied from a distance the couch.  “Hey, maybe we can take a photo on that couch,” she recommended to Katie. Suddenly, a wave of recognition came over her, and she stopped in her tracks: “THAT COUCH!”  At that point, Katie went to retreat, to leave Veronica to discover what awaited her. Veronica did not want to be left alone in this state of utter confusion, and kept trying to follow Katie. Katie did her best to shoo Veronica toward the couch until Veronica reluctantly gave in.

When she reached the couch, Veronica found a note waiting for her. She also found a colorful bouquet of flowers. You see, Scott had a list of Veronica’s TOP TEN flowers! And he made a bouquet of each type. After seeing she had read the note, Scott came around the corner. Veronica suddenly got a sense of what was about to happen and had the forethought to hurriedly hide her bag behind the couch! Ha!!

What followed were smile inducing, tear inducing, goosebump inducing, incredibly sweet moments of utter JOY. So, Scott planned the location, the couch, the note, the flowers, the RING—which was absolutely stunning and the most perfect for Veronica—and he also planned vintage and her favorite drink for them to enjoy.

This carefully thought out proposal was so much more than a proposal. It was Scott’s way of showing how much he cares about Veronica and how well he knows her and to what length he will go to make her feel loved.

It was a joy to work with you, Scott and Veronica! I am so impressed by your efforts and for your love of each other. Congratulations!!!


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