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May 29, 2018

Sam + Michael | Surprise Proposal!

When Michael contacted me about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend, Sam, I was thrilled! I knew Michael because he was one of my coaches at Orange Theory. Needless to say, he is SUPER in shape and just an all-around charming, sweet guy. I was super excited to help him in this endeavor of love!

Michael wanted to plan something special for Sam and really throw her off guard. This was a little tricky because Sam lives in Houston, and he had to really brainstorm an idea to get her to Austin without making it look like a setup for a proposal.

It took a bit convincing, but he concocted a tale about really wanting Sam to accompany him to an Orange Theory Coaches’ party; he needed her at his side to support him. So she HAD to make the trek up from Houston to be there! Before the party, he explained that he wanted to show her a garden they had missed out on during their previous trip to San Gabriel Park. (Girlfriend LOVES plants and flowers!)

While I have been photographing weddings for four years, this was actually my first PROPOSAL! I was so excited about it and had a pretty good idea of exactly how to plan! (I am such a planner, so this was up my alley! Lol!) We met two days before the proposal to decide exactly where Michael would stand and exactly where Sam would stand. Michael also thought of the precise words he’d use to turn Sam away from him first so he could take out the ring, and then get her attention so she could see him back on his knee. We also planned exactly where I would hide! We were ready to GO!

While we planned everything to a tee, I did not anticipate how very nervous I would be! I kept thinking, She is going to see me and wonder what this creeper is DOING! Lol! I was in all dark clothing and tucked in the trees, but you know, if you see someone in all dark clothing, tucked in trees, you may begin to wonder! Lol! Luckily, Sam didn’t see me, and I was there in the right spot at the right time! It was soooo cute how Michael took Sam around the park and Sam was literally bending down to smell the flowers. I LOVE a girl who appreciates nature and also just goes with the FLOW. It was easy to see they were just so happy to be in one another’s presence as they strolled around the park.

Capturing Michael’s proposal was amazingly FUN! You really do capture a full spectrum of emotion on a wedding day, but a proposal is different because of the element of utter surprise! Surprise quickly turns to JOY, elation, warm snuggles, and happy tears. It truly is one of the sweetest moments to capture.

Of course, after the proposal, we snuck in some “Just Engaged” photos! Congrats, Michael and Sam!


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