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April 27, 2018

Happy 10 Years to Us!

In honor of our tenth wedding anniversary (!!!), I decided to blog my own wedding photos! Now keep in mind, 2008 was before the explosion of Pinterest, before the expectation of alllll the pretty things, and before we had access to the best wedding planning ideas! In addition, we basically eloped (although about twenty people came along with us), so our wedding was extremely simple. Still, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I loved and what I would have changed.

Timing and location were a bit of an issue since we were planning a wedding from Japan! We had to wait on the fiancé visa for Phil to arrive before we’d fly to America and get married. I had dreams of getting married on the beaches in Mexico, but since once Phil arrived to the U.S., he would not be able to leave (due to the conditions of his visa). Thus, we opted to get married (Maui-ed) on the beaches in Maui.

We wanted an extremely intimate wedding, so we invited just a handful of our closest friends and only our immediate family members.  Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we headed out for a luau, and one of my favorite parts of our wedding was getting to spend so much time with our guests! We went snorkeling and whale watching—it was like the honeymoon began as soon as we arrived! And even better that all my best friends were there!

We wed on a beach, and I will say that, had it existed at the time, I definitely would have had a First look with Phil. He was sooooo nervous! He planted his feet at the front of the ceremony site and did not budge until the ceremony was over! Seeing him so worked up, our photographer tried to get him champagne, but I drank it all with my bridesmaids in the limo on the way over (obvs). I really wish I could have seen Phil and chatted with him to get him more relaxed!

Although he was basically shaking all over, Phil definitely did not shed tears. Not that kind of guy! Lol! I mention that because I think some people have an expectation for what reaction their fiancé should give, and there should be no pressure for tears if they are simply not a crier! Lol. Now, when he held our babies for the first time? And the first day Chloe started kindergarten? Our daughters really get his waterworks going! It’s awesome because then I don’t cry since I am busy laughing at him crying! 😛

Besides definitely having a First Look, one big thing I would change would be Phil’s suit! He despised it!!! When he told the suit company it did not fit, their response was, “No one is looking at you; they are looking at the bride.” And when he was later in my brother in-law’s wedding, the same suit company again said, “No one is looking at you; they looking at the groom.” Phil hates the way he looks in our wedding photos, so lesson learned. Make sure your guy is 100% happy with what he’s wearing, and be picky!

The other thing I would absolutely change would be to invest in the florals at the ceremony site and my own bouquet! Since the majority of our photos were taken down at the ceremony site, and I held my bouquet the whole time, I absolutely wish I’d invested in something beautiful to add to the background and ordered flowers that I loved.

For dinner and the reception, we were at the Sea Watch Restaurant, a part of the golf course there, and we had the most amazing meals and danced like crazy!

We did not have a traditional wedding, and it suited us just perfectly. The most important thing for us was to be married and begin our lives together. We also loved celebrating it with our closest friends and family.

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