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February 2, 2018

Family Photos: How you can prep for seamless portraits

Let’s face it. Family photos can turn into a bit of chaos! However, these portraits absolutely do not have to be stressful! Having photographed over 100 weddings, I know a thing or two about family photos, and my game is strong! That said, there are some things you can do as well to help ensure the photos run smoothly.

Consider having a First Look! If you opt to see one another before your ceremony, we can complete the majority of the photos while we still have plenty of light and  the energy level of everyone is high! I feel like using time prior to the ceremony makes these photos feel much more relaxed.

Stick with small groups! I normally photograph your immediate family and grandparents. Adding all of your extended family members into the photos will rapidly eat up natural light time that is better spent on intimate groups. It takes quite a while to round up giant groups and then arrange them for photos (8-10 minutes per extended family group). If you are wanting photos with extended family members, I recommend taking them during the reception.

Communicate to your family members exactly what time they should be dressed and ready to go. For example, your mom and bridesmaids need to be dressed before you since they will want to be dressed for helping you put on your dress. Let your siblings and grandparents know exactly what time they should be there and be ready to go.

Communicate to me on the Wedding Details Document anything you think I should know! I have photographed so many weddings, that I have literally seen it all!  Do not hesitate to explain any family dynamic or situation I need to know about. I can then decide if a certain group needs to go first and then be dispersed. If I can get all the information from you, I can really go in strong!

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