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November 20, 2017

Deanna + Eric | Wedding at Villa St. Clair in Austin, Texas

Deanna and Eric may quite literally be the two most charming people I have ever met! Deanna is drop dead gorgeous and Eric’s smile is too perfect for words. However, looking past the charm, this couple is completely genuine in all aspects of their lives. They exude warmth and kindness, and their excitement for life and for one another is simply contagious! Deanna and Eric are generous with their love, and give whole-heartedly to their friends and family around them.

They wed at Villa St. Clair in Austin, Texas, and it was a celebration with a touch of sparkle and glam! When Eric put a ring on Deanna’s finger and when they were pronounced husband and wife, Deanna literally jumped for JOY! The look on Eric’s face when he first saw Deanna was absolutely priceless—his eyes were filled with the happiest of tears.

Deanna and Eric are incredibly devoted in their faith, and it was church that initially brought them together. The pair attend different branches of the same church: Deanna’s is located in Austin while Eric’s is in Midland. For summer camp, the branches came together, and it was then that Deanna and Eric met one another. Deanna was head of the children’s programs while Eric was involved in planning the music. They quickly became good friends, and they maintained their friendship at a distance.

When Eric was invited to a wedding in Fredericksburg, Texas, he asked Deanna if she would be his date. They both really, really liked each other, but they needed time to get to know each other and see if their relationship could progress beyond friendship. On their wedding date, they felt the sparks fly, and any questions they had about their romantic potential were answered.

The couple has been together long distance with Deanna working for a match making company in Austin and Eric finishing up his degree in Midland. To propose, Eric brought Deanna back to the place they had their first date and the couple enjoyed the wineries in Fredericksburg.

Eric and Deanna, it was an honor to capture your day! It was stunningly beautiful and incredibly touching. I am so happy for y’all!!!




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  1. Jennifer Ballow says:

    So beautiful!  Love these photos – so grateful that you shared them and I could see them this morning – truly brightened my day and I am so happy for you!  

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