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September 7, 2017

Amy + Eric | Engagement Session

It was a little bit of trash talking that sparked chemistry between Amy and Eric. The highly competitive pair was playing sports for the charity they worked for, and during the game, they began egging each other on. It quickly got flirty, and the couple arranged a first date in downtown Austin. They ended the night chatting away at the W Hotel.

Amy and Eric LOVE the city of Austin. Amy hales from California and Eric is from just down the road in Lockhart. He planned the perfect proposal on top of the hill at Butler Park, overlooking Austin’s sky-line. He had a photographer friend all set up to take photos! The only problem? They were hit with rain! He quickly moved the proposal to the capitol where he asked Amy to be his wife.

Since they didn’t get to have the proposal at Butler Park, they thought their engagement session would be an awesome opportunity to get photos with the skyline! The started out in casual Austin tees, and we headed around the park. Amy busted out with this super cute black jumpsuit for a more formal look, and captured the couple in a beautiful tunnel of crepe myrtles before heading to the Lamar bridge.

This sweet couple is planning a New Year’s Eve wedding bash for their friends and family! In fitting with the New Year’s theme, they brought champagne. Now—I have worked with surprise elements before. I have even done several sessions with popping champagne. I know to get very organized—get the location down exactly. We talk about which way to aim the champagne and what they are going to do after it pops. Eric picked up the bottle of champagne, and I started my schpeel: “OK, so I like this background over here….” When suddenly I heard a pop! Eric, either accidentally or on purpose, popped it and champagne is now on its way to come out! Luckily, I already had the lens and settings ready, so I rushed them over the to the area with pretty background. Eric didn’t quite know what to do—since I didn’t have a chance to tell him—and he basically decided it was fun to drench Amy in the champagne. Y’all it was HILARIOUS. Amy was just laughing, and she was so very, very confused! All the while, Eric was so proud of himself, because it thought he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing!

When it ended Amy was like, “What the heck was that?!”

Eric responded, “I thought you said we were going to get wet!”

“But you soaked me like I was an NBA coach at an NBA game!” laughed Amy.

You guys—Eric felt SO bad that he drenched Amy in champagne. 🙁 🙁  However, it made for awesomely fun photos and a pretty good story!

Amy and Eric, y’all are one sweet and hard-working couple. I can’t wait to photograph you getting married! I am so excited to ring in the New Year with you at the Creek Haus!!!



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    Omg those r AWSOME pictures. Need to have one

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