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December 19, 2016

Jordan + Alex | Wedding at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church and Antebellum Oaks in Austin, Texas

Jordan says it was Alex’s “chin and smile combination” that initially caught her eye at St. Mary’s Catholic Center where they both attended church. They were students at Texas A&M at the time, and Jordan worked as the receptionist in the Catholic Student Center.

When Jordan was at work one morning, Alex came over for an official introduction. He immediately went in for the kill, exclaiming to Jordan, “Oh my gosh, your eyes are so beautiful!”

Jordan coyly responded, “You better watch out who you say that to or else they are going to fall in love with you.”

They did indeed fall head over heels for one another—so clearly, Jordan was right! They shared their first date at a wine bar in College Station where they had a classic and romantic date.

Alex is an aerospace engineer for Boeing in Oklahoma City while Jordan is working towards her Master’s degree in social work at the University of Texas. While they have spent numerous days apart, when they did get to see one another, they LOVED to eat Torchy’s Tacos. Jordan says the queso helps ease the pain of saying goodbye as Alex headed back to Oklahoma City. Luckily, they will soon be living together in Oklahoma.

Jordan and Alex planned an elegant wedding at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, followed by a reception at Antebellum Oaks. We all know the weather in Texas makes absolutely no sense, but no one was complaining about an outdoor cocktail hour in sunny, 70 degree weather in the middle of December.

At their reception, Jordan had a unique idea for the bridal toss. She explained how she was never really comfortable with the idea of a traditional bridal toss, where women vie against each other to see who would be the next to marry, as if marriage is a woman’s ultimate life goal. Instead, she attached a plane ticket to the bouquet catcher’s location of choice! (It would take them anywhere Southwest Airlines flies.) Jordan explained how the reward for the bouquet would be a chance to travel and experience inner growth in a new place. As soon as Jordan announced the plane ticket, it seemed like there were suddenly many more single ladies in the room as women rushed the floor!

The evening was full of dancing and a little of bit Aggie mayhem. More than anything, it was a celebration of two strong individuals, an evening to gather and to honor the love Jordan and Alex have for one another.

Jordan and Alex, it has been a pleasure working with you, and it was an honor to capture your beautiful wedding. I am so excited for what the future has in store for you both.


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