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October 19, 2016

The First Look: Five Fast Facts

1.What is a First Look?

A First Look is a private time for you and your fiancé to see each other alone before the ceremony and wedding events begin. We capture the emotion of seeing each other for the First Time and then go directly into your Couple’s Portraits.

2.Why are First Look Sessions popular?

There are two main reasons couples choose to have a First Look: one is logistical and one is emotional. Photographers and wedding coordinators love First Look Sessions because it naturally leads to having all of the posed portraits—including couple’s, bridal party, and family portraits—all before the ceremony begins. There is no rush after the ceremony then to complete portraits before sunset or before dinner needs to be served. Couples also love the emotional experience of having the First Look. There are so many nerves on the wedding day, and when couples see each other before the ceremony, they tend to calm each other down as they love one another. I absolutely love the expressions we capture when a couple has a First Look! Besides the joy in seeing each other privately, couples tend to empower each other and are ready to embrace the day together.

3.When should I not have a First Look?

If you have talked with your fiancé and you both are not comfortable with having a First Look, you should not feel pressured to do it. I like to know this well in advance, so we can plan your ceremony start time at a time to ensure we have natural light. The main months I am concerned about having enough light are the winter months: November through February. For other times of the year, it is usually just fine to plan for all posed portraits after the ceremony during the cocktail hour.

4.How can I make the First Look special?

The First Look is special simply for the genuine moment that occurs between you as you see each other. I  also love the idea of planning something special for your First Look. You can have your father walk you toward your fiancé or plan that time to exchange gifts or say a prayer together.

5.Does seeing your fiancé for the First Look take away from the emotions that are felt when you see each other on the aisle?

I have noticed that my couples who are more emotional tend to be emotional in both scenarios: when they see each other for the First Look and when they see each other on the aisle. On the flip side, my couples who show a little less emotion tend to show less emotion for the First Look and on the aisle. I definitely do not think that having the First Look takes anything away from seeing your future wife walk down the aisle. Seeing one another on the aisle as you are about to marry is an unforgettable experience even if you have already seen one another.


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