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September 20, 2016

How to Ask for an Unplugged Ceremony

Your photographer and your guests will thank their lucky stars if you decid to have all of your guests’ attention focused on your special moments of your ceremony rather than seen from the back of a cell phone screen. I do think that “unplugged ceremonies” have grown in popularity, so much so that I’d bet most of your friends are familiar with them. Odds are they have attended an “unplugged wedding” before, so they know not to get their cell phones out in the first place.

However, it may feel awkward asking your closest friends and family to put their phones and devices away! Sometimes people simply set out a sign telling them you are having an “unplugged wedding.” I actually advise against this because signs too easily get ignored. Plus, once one person ignores the sign and takes out the phone, other guests may feel comfy enough to follow suit.

The officiant, pastor, or priest definitely seems to hold an authoritative role during the ceremony, so I have found that wedding guests generally seem to listen to them.

I highly recommend simply requesting that your officiant, pastor, or priest make an announcement before the ceremony begins. He or she can keep it light and positive, simply saying something as follows:

“The bride and groom could not be more thrilled you are here to share in their wedding day. They want you to be fully present with them, and so they ask that you do not take pictures with phones or cameras during the ceremony. They have hired professional photographers who will capture the moments for us!”

I definitely recommend an “unplugged ceremony” for your day, and if you want to read more about why, click here!



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