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September 14, 2016

Should I have an “unplugged ceremony”?


Should I have an “unplugged” wedding ceremony?

I’m sure you could guess it. My answer is a resounding “YES.” Almost all of my couples opt to have their officiant or pastor announce that all cell phones and cameras should stay off during the whole ceremony, and I am so glad they do.

As your photographer, it does not really bother me to see phones out and to have guests in my shots with their phones. Have I had the notorious giant iPad protruding into my shots? YES. Have I had an uncle jump into the aisle and block one of my shots of my bride with her dad coming down the aisle? YES. I have even had an uncle in the aisle with me take pictures with his camera basically on my shoulder!  (OK, that one did make me mad! Ha!) However, these situations do not interrupt my shooting as much, and as long as I can get the shot, I shoot away (relatively) happily.

But. The person seated behind the guy with the iPad—I guarantee they are frustrated. Your mom, whose view of you walking the aisle is obstructed by the uncle who jumps in the aisle to get a shot—I bet she is frustrated. Simply put, being on your devices can be incredibly distracting to your other guests–guests who just want to keep their focus on…YOU.

At a concert recently, my husband took out his phone to make a video. The video shined a light out, and I was so distracted, I insisted he put it away. (It was a quiet, singer/song-writer concert!) It is not fair to others who are happily enjoying the special moment to have their attention diverted to the phone or camera nearby.

At a recent wedding, the officiant referenced a special quality about the groom’s mom. I quickly turned my camera to his mom to catch her reaction, and my heart fell. She was smiling from ear to ear, loving the compliment they gave her. But she had a giant cell phone in front of her face as she videoed the ceremony. The couple had hired me as well as a videographer, and how strange is it that we are capturing the joy of your loved ones as they too are behind their phones or cameras!

It is distracting when others have their cameras out in front of you, and it does seem to spoil candid reactions when guests have phones or cameras in front of their faces. However, my biggest recommendation for why a couple should choose an unplugged wedding is that you get thirty minutes of your day when ALL of your guests can simply be PRESENT. They don’t need to focus on capturing it—that is our job. They can relax and truly enjoy every moment, distraction free.

Guests can certainly take out their phones and cameras as they enjoy other parts of your day. However, simply asking your officiant to announce that guests should power off their phones and keep cameras off during the ceremony is a great idea to ensure your guests are present with you at your ceremony.


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