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May 25, 2016

Ellie and Travis | Engagement Session in Austin, Texas

When I reminisce back to my eighth grade English class with Mrs. Giddings, my memories are distinct; it must have been a formative year. I met some of my closest friends in that class that year and explored writing about my passions. Travis was in that class- and most of my memories with him involve LAUGHTER. He constantly had me laughing, and I am sure all of us enjoyed his presence in the classroom.

Travis’s path after high school was an interesting one, and it was so incredibly hard to photograph him because I just wanted to catch up!! He majored in zoology and chemistry, and his first job was at the San Antonio Zoo. Travis later went to work for a zoo in Colorado, and there he requested interviews to bring on new employees. It was there that the super cute blonde, Ellie, walked in. Travis definitely noticed her. He was professional throughout the interview and drove her to the airport. Unfortunately, he did not end up hiring her on. However, when Ellie became interested in working for the San Antonio Zoo, she recalled Travis’s experience and got in touch with him. He helped her connect with the right people, and when she moved to her new place of employment in San Antonio, Travis offered to show her around. Of course that would involve just a little drive for him: he made the five hour drive to San Antonio to spend time with her.

Ellie, who is originally from near Seattle, did not just contact Travis out of the blue. Following their interview, Ellie friended Travis on Facebook, and scoured his photos. She immediately noticed his love of animals and nature. She also noticed a picture of Travis with his mom, and she was smitten. Ellie knew she wanted a man who loved his family. Travis ended up leaving the zoo in Colorado and needed to find a new job. He came to work at the San Antonio Zoo as well, as head of agriculture for the birds; Ellie works with felines.

When he worked in Dallas, Travis rescued a dog from a rough part of town on a Friday. Thus, he named his pup Friday, and Friday got to play a special role in his proposal to Ellie. On Halloween of 2015, Travis and Ellie planned a getaway to Port Aransas. Ellie dressed up Friday as a lion (obviously—since she works with big cats), and she noticed a random orange string. While Travis stood from a distance, she wondered if the lion costume was falling apart until she noticed that the string held a note that read, “Will you marry me?” While Ellie initially was shocked and began murmuring “no,” wondering if it was a joke, she quickly changed her response to a resounding, “yes!”

It is so fun to see a friend from the past so very happy! Ellie and Travis have so many fun adventures in store for them, beginning with their wedding in the mountains in northern Idaho. I can only imagine how stunning and heartfelt it will be. Best wishes as you begin your lives together this summer!


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